Studio Benjamin Herz in collaboration with Suite Novotel Den Haag.

Suite Novotel The Hague City Centre is a unique hotel where the emphasis lies on ‘home’. This means that a guest should be able to just get up and grab him- or herself a cup of coffee, a sandwich or a soda.


Due to the very diverse type of guests and seasonality it was important to offer a package for everyone. Whether you need to leave early for a flight or you want the kids to have a little something in between, it needed all to be possible at Suite Novotel The Hague City Centre without the hassle of being charged for every single item you consume.


Guests can purchase a very reasonable food & beverage package in which they can enjoy any food and drink offered throughout the day. Alcoholic beverages, however, still need to be purchased separately.


Initially the food wall was hard to reach as a fixed communal table was in the way, which made it then hard to achieve the desired guest experience.


Studio Benjamin Herz:

  • Made the food wall accessible by changing the routing
  • Created a menu of healthy and wholesome items
  • Emphasized on the different moods and purposes of the guest’ stay
  • Made some adjustments in design to give it a more ‘home’ feeling
  • Curated on artwork for a more playful atmosphere


MeK & LOTZ for styling

AVD Productions for photography

Bodil Jane for artwork