Studio Benjamin Herz in collaboration with art’otel Amsterdam.

Creation of concept and branding of award winning concept 5&33. 5&33 quickly became the place to be in Amsterdam with its multi-purpose space:


  • Intimate restaurant
  • Funky-Slick nightlife bar
  • Gallery
  • Library
  • Lounge


The operational start-up, recruitment, purchasing contracts, team training, operational equipment, kitchen design, bar design were key focus areas.


The PR- and Marketing strategy in combination with the Branding of the brand 5&33 and art’otel were included in the creation of the concept.


5&33 is Entrée Magazine award winner for Best Restaurant Design and art’otel amsterdam Best Hotel Design.


Architect: Eyal Shoan, Digital Space
PR: Tinq, Neuhaus PR, Maison PR